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2016 Connecticut Fishing Season Dates, Sizes, and Catch Limits

Information of Popular Fish in Long Island Sound

Courtesy of the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Striped Bass



Minimum length: 28 inches
Daily creel limit: 1 fish per angler
Open season: Open Year Round

Summer Flounder (Fluke)



Minimum length: 18 inches
Daily creel limit: 5 fish per angler
Open Season: May 17 – September 21

Tautog (Blackfish)

Minimum length: 16 inches

Open Season
April 1 – April 30: 2 fish per angler

July 1 – August 31: 2 fish per angler

October 10 – Dec. 6: 4 fish per angler

Scup (Porgy)



Minimum length: 10 inches
Daily creel limit: 30 fish per angler
Open season: May 1 – Dec. 31




Minimum length: None
Daily creel limit: 10 fish per angler
Open Season: Open Year Round

Black Sea Bass



Minimum length: 15 inches

Open Season:

May 1 - December 31: 5 fish per angler